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Delivery Rates

Vessels and itineraries vary considerably and therefore it is not practical to set one rate for yacht delivery.

We generally contract deliveries for an all inclusive delivery service fee based upon a number of factors including: route and season proposed - vessel speed, equipment, condition and the number of crew required. The delivery service fee covers crew wages, transportation, and provisions for the duration of the delivery. Fuel, moorage, outfitting and repairs are billed at the completion of delivery at our direct cost.

Here are a few examples of deliveries we have completed over the years:

Hans Christian 43 - Hawaii to San Diego
Captain, Mate & Deckhand
2,500nm - $14,500

Hatteras 65 - Ixtapa to San Diego
Captain, Mate & Deckhand
1,350nm - $8,640

Irwin 52 - Sausalito to Coos Bay
Captain & Mate
380nm - $2,200

PT Europa 38 - Oxnard to Sausilito
Captain & Mate
315nm - $2,230

Waterline 55 - Portland to San Diego
Captain, Mate & Owner's party
1,080nm - $6,549

If you would like a quote for the delivery
of your vessel please complete our
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