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Captain J. Eric Bergel


Commercial towing assistance and auxiliary sail endorsements. License #1065587

More than 125,000 miles of accident free yacht delivery service off the West coast of Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, as well as  eight Pacific crossings between the Mainland U.S. and Hawaii and one crossing between Asia and Hawaii since 1993.

Over forty years experience operating and maintaining a wide variety of commercial and recreational vessels to 300 tons.

26 years service as captain aboard USCG inspected passenger vessels.

Four years service as full time captain aboard a sport fishing yacht in Mexico and Southern California.

Four years experience as operator, mate, engineer and deckhand aboard various tugboats to 3,000hp engaged in ship and barge handling and salvage work at all points on the West Coast including the Columbia River and Sacramento Delta.

Over 1,500 successful bar crossings.

Local knowledge and professional contacts from Alaska to Panama and also including Hawaii and Asia.

Graduate of Pacific Maritime Academy.

FCC certified SSB/VHF radio telephone operator.

CPR and First Aid certified.

Non-smoker. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs.

Never an insurance claim, accident or lawsuit.

Pacific Yacht Delivery

1815 O Street
Eureka CA 95501


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